Friday, March 13, 2009

Jane Bennet Short Jacket

This is was custom order for a lovely customer. :)

Made of 100% linen. I love the way it hangs.

Hand made linen covered buttons:

Hand stitched top stitching:

Based on Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice and a J. Crew Cardigan. Read more HERE.


anna's trunk09 said...

Well done! Very classic and lovely-great job on the handstitching! :)


Anonymous said...


That jacket is very pretty! Handsewing is so nice, and handmade buttons.

I have new blog which is in English....
Now I'm making new corset with Buttericks pattern. Then I have to make new crinoline and all clothes... :) But I would like to have regency costume too.... maybe someday...

Lady E.

Lucia said...

I am doing a jacket like this right now (: Intresting to see what others made with the same idea