Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jane Bennet Ballgown Replica

I needed a new dress for a ball awhile back and so I decided to make a replica of Jane Bennet's worn to the Netherfield ball in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. (If you haven't guessed, I love the costumes in this film!)

I used my absolute favorite pattern, Jennie Chancey's Regency Gown Pattern. I modified it a bit to make it look more like Jane's gown.
Here is a close up of the back. I used some of my great grandmother's shell buttons for the back.
A Full view:

A close up of the front:
I added some fullness to the front and also took a tiny bit of fullness out of the sleeve.

The gown is made from muslin. After researching the Regency era I learned that muslin was the most popular fabric for gowns. How often you wore muslin gowns, however, showed how rich you were as they were hard to keep clean!
I sewed the gown completely by hand.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful gown! btw, how do you keep the ribbon up?

Anna Kristine said...

Somehow it just stayed there when I tied it. :)

Amanda said...

Gorgeous! Did you add lining? I plan on using muslin on my regency dress and am wondering what sort of lining would be appropriate.

Anna Kristine said...

Hello Amanda!
I just lined the bodice with muslin and wore a bodiced petticoat underneath. :)
Hope you have fun making your dress! I love muslin Regency gowns. :)
~Anna Kristine

Anonymous said...

Hi, i reallly love this dress and i was sondering if u had a pattern or somthing, because im 14 and i cant just copy it :p and also i was wondering if youve done any of Eliza bennets outfits , because iv been searching the internet for aloong time and all i can find are dress patterns with Empirial waists. if you have and could let me know i would be very happy thank you so much. my email is

Anna Kristine said...

Yes, I used he Sense & Sensibility Regency Gown Pattern. :) I sent you an email! :)

Eleonora Amalia said...

Your dress is just so adorable! Love the buttons on the back ;) I was wondering where have you actually got the pattern from, did you buy it? And did you get it by post or was it an e-pattern? I spent almost all day searching for regency patterns and found out that unfortunately shipping would cost me a fortune so I'm just curious ;) Anyway, great and inspiring blog! Thanks for all the useful information!

Anna said...

Eleonora, thanks for saying hello! I bought the pattern for this dress from Sense and Sensibility patterns and I do believe she has e-patterns, so hopefully that will help you! You can visit her web site here: