Sunday, September 9, 2007

Civil War Work Dress

I made this Civil War dress from Past Patterns Fitted Bodice pattern. The skirt is four panels wide.
I trimmed the neck with some tiny lace and some black velvet ribbon.
I did four rows of gethers at the sleeves.
This dress was worn to a recent Civil War reenactment. It was rather comfortable! (I didn't wear a hoop while working)


Rebecca said...

that is really beautiful!!! I'm hoping to make a Civil War dress soon!! You've helped to inspire me!!
Rebecca (flowershopgirl on S&S)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job.. I will be needing some clothes for the peroid of 1750-1840 . We are joining a living history club. And the time peroid is between those years. I have to pick a theme of one of the three French and Indian War,Revoluitionary war,Rocky Mountain fur trade.. If you could help in any way for links or info on this it would be great.. Thanks.. Brenda /haflinger..

Anonymous said...

Sorry my blogg didn't show the whole address..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry lets try again..

Anna Kristine said...

Hello Brenda! My best advice would be to join the Sense and Sensibility message forum, the ladies on there have a wealth of information...much more than I know! If you go to there is a link to it from there.
I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions...though my knowledge in those eras are limited. :)
~Anna Kristine

Sanders said...

Wow! What beautiful dresses! How long did it take you to make them? Do you ever wear them?

Anna Kristine said...

The amount of time it takes me to make things depends on the deadline I need it by and the detail I put into it. I've made some Civil War dresses in less than a week and then my dad's pirate coat (all hand stitched) took months. But I wasn't constantly working on it!
I tend to work fastest when I have an event to get it done for.
But yes, I've worn almost all of my costumes either for Civil War reenacting or movie premiers. I'm just now getting into making new costumes to sell. It's really fun! I love trying to replicate movie costumes but I also love designing new things. :)
~Anna Kristine

Jessa said...

I LOVE this dress as well!!

Annique Fenlason said...

How do you find living history clubs? I live in Montana, and people out here just don't seem to be into that at all! It's such a shame. I'd LOVE to do living history!