Thursday, August 23, 2007

Regency Shift and Short Stay

I got rather inspired from the nightgown/shift Lizzie Bennet wears in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. There was the tiniest little trim about the neck and sleeves. I decided to make my shift somewhat like it.

I used Simplicity pattern 4052 which was designed by Jennie Chancey. You should check out her website... She has some wonderful patterns!
Here is a close up of the trim I chrocheted onto the neck and sleeve edges. I tried to make it as much like Lizzie's as possible. :)
A full length view:
The shift is sewn completely by hand. I used a cotton cord to draw up the neckline.

Regency Stay:

These were fun to make! I sewed them by hand as well. The instructions even show you how to make eyelets by hand. The eyelets were really easy! The stay doesn't look like it ought to on the dress form as the form wont allow the stays to change it's shape. :) I made them a little too big though so I'm going to give them to a friend.

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