Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Embroidered Regency Gown Photo Shoot

I've finally got pictures of my Regency gown on. It looks sooo much better on a person than it does on a dress form. Thanks so much Genevieve of Pretty Wit for the photography! She took so many amazing photos...it was hard to choose what ones to post. Here are just a few. :)
The dress is entirely hand stitched.

Tiny tucks and embroidery decorate the front:
Close up of the hand stitches:
Embroidery and ribbon trim the hem:
I've just relisted this dress in my SHOP.


Barbara said...

What a beautiful dress :) I have got a regency dress (used to be my wedding gown), but have no occasion to wear it unfortunately :(

MennoGirl said...

How lovely!

Nahla said...

You mean all that's made by hand? :0 Wow!

Jessica said...

How quickly can you make a Regency dress? I want to have one when I elope in a few weeks but am afraid there isn't enough time to have one made.