Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elizabeth Swann Pirate Costume Replica

Here is my replica of Elizabeth Swann's pirate costume from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. I made it in a rush so it's not perfectly accurate, nor as well made as I would like. But it was still fun to wear!

The vest and shirt:
I used Simplicity 4923 for the shirt and McCall's 2258 for the vest, with a few modifications. I sewed the shirt and vest by machine.

The coat, pants, and "effects":

I used Butterick 3072 for the coat and Simplicity 4923 for the pants. I ordered the buttons for the coat from Jas Townsend & Son Inc. They are both sewn by machine. All the trim on the coat is sewn on by hand. I made the hat out of felt, using McCall's 2258.

A back view of the vest:

I added tabs to the back of the vest to make it more like Elizabeth's I laced it with leather cording.
A back view of the coat:
Even though it was rushed, I had fun wearing it!


*t3Ly! said...

luv it!! i always want to dress like a pirate since i saw POC, cause i love jack sparrow, u made a great job!

Anonymous said...

i love this costume... i only wish i could have as good a one as this!

Anonymous said...

what material did you use to make the vest? thanks, and great costume!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap where did you get tia dalma's neckalce!!!! ME WANT!!!!

Anna Kristine said...

I think for the vest I used cotton fabric I had in my stash. Probably not accurate or like the original but it worked for me!

And I got Tia Dalma's necklace at Claire's when the movie came out.